Before I start these are my opinions and the way I choose to live my life. That said…here we go.

While on Facebook today I came across a video on abortion. It showed a woman going through the process and paperwork and all her questions. It was


that a needle with digoxin would poke through the mothers stomach into the babies heart to kill the baby. Then the baby would be sucked out in pieces…. IN PIECES!!!! The lady also asked if the baby was to come out alive would they help/save the baby? The Dr replied with

No…they would leave the baby to die.

Women have many things going for them: one being the ability to create life and give birth. A baby can LIVE in you for 9 months and then depends on YOU for the first 18 years of his/her life. The babe loves you, needs you, TRUST you, and calls you mommy. I don’t have children but I can’t WAIT to experience birth and that kind of love. Having a baby should NOT be something that scares you into murdering the unborn child.

The following will be heated and brutal.

Here’s the hard truth…having an abortion AND the day after/morning pill are (in my book) murder. Just because you don’t ‘know’ you’re pregnant until you miss a period does NOT mean a baby isn’t forming.

Fertilize – ‘ A. to render (the female gamete) capable of development by uniting it with the male gamete.’

Right here…at this stage it’s a baby. Just because their are no eyes, mouth, etc. doesn’t make it fine to kill. When you have an abortion they make unbearably clear what you are doing. When you take the day after / morning pill (because you’re ‘scared’ you might be pregnant) you KNOW that ‘if’ anything is happening it won’t because of this pill. BOTH ARE MURDER!!! You can’t sit there with a conscience and tell me the ‘pull’ isn’t a way of killing anything off – that’s what it’s for!!!

A woman on Instagram told me that it’s not selfish to have an abortion and that many women have abortions because they can’t afford another child. I wanted to jump through my phone and shake her!!!! Are you kidding me?!?! Because you can’t afford another child it’s ‘ok’ to just take care of it?!? Unacceptable!!!

If you think you’re ‘mature’ enough to have sex then you BETTER be mature enough to handle what might come next. The sad thing is many women are too confused and lack the sense to research their options. Or Better yet … Lack the sense to NOT have sex unless married or wanting children.

I’m sure someone is fired up because some people have medical conditions. I’ve told my husband that if it was me or our baby – save the baby; he says save me (we’ll cross that bridge later). I understand some people have medical issues BUT find out the percentages BEFORE you get knocked up. If certain things happen during pregnancy that can’t be helped – then that’s a situation that MIGHT be understandable in the situation – I’m not in the situation so can’t really elaborate on that.


There is NO EXCUSE for abortion or the day after pill – your intentions are BOTH the same. If your not compassionate enough to know the difference between life and death – do the world a favor and DONT create.


Hello readers and bloggers; I hope this finds you well. I have discovered a few things recently and I thought I’d share.

Have you ever noticed the following about women: They always talking about being younger, thinner, more successful, things they would change basicaly. For me personally, I cannot WAIT to be mid 40s and have things in order. I cant wait to be a mother with a job she loves and a family. I have always ‘flocked’ if you will to older women. When I was in High School I would spend the most time with my teachers and women from my church; the youngest was mid 30s. They would chat with me about their career, their familes, their goals, and their faith. I admire these women, I look up to these women, and I want to be like these women. These women are all totally different from each other: A preachers wife, a woman with strong opinions and convictions, a fitness fanatic, a youth leader and M&M eating pal, a Rolling Stones fan, a Children’s Minister and voice of reason, a strong willed woman, and a firey red head. These women are amazing and I am so very blessed to know them and see them grow.

I’ve always heard people say that they wish they could flashback to their 20s when times were more fun and change was a choice not a consequence. Being a woman in her late 20s, I long to be a woman in her mid 40s. I’m only 2 years into my marriage, a college degree that I’m not using, no children, so many bills I can’t count them all, and a mind that never stops worrying. I cant wait to have a family, to be a mother, doing what I love and still having fun. Being a mother will change me completely – inside and out. My body will change and my body will ‘make’ a new life (how amazing is that?!). Plus, if my ‘plan’ works out correctly I’ll get to help children and adults everyday: I am hopefully starting a journey for a Masters Degree in OT this fall. So form me…I sometimes feel like my life hasnt started, but then again I’m mature for my age. Most people in their 20s have goals of tattoos, getting drunk, traveling, finding a ‘soul mate’, enjoying their ‘stress free’ life, and mostly partying. I have done the majority of those things and my husband and I plan on traveling a lot this year and hopefully honeymooning. I am 26 and I’m pretty much over the whole sterotypical 20s scene.

I have a dream job that I am working on acquiring, but I’ve finally realized what God has created me for. Yes I know their are more than one purpose / seaon for everyone but this one has my heart in particular. I cannot wait to be a mother; I know its stressful, hard, financially difficult, and painful at times, but also its the greatest gift you can receive. I can’t imagine how much I love our children; I love my dog and spoil him like crazy…it will only be worse with a human being I helped create. Imagine…a tiny creature that looks like you, share your traits, inspires you, and needs you fully. I imagine its like having your heart grow up right infront of you.The statement I can’t wait til I’m mid 40s is an understatement indeed.

What I’ve learned while pondering all this is that my 20s and 30s are developmental years. Years to achieve your goals and ‘fix’ the areas in your life and in yourself that need fixing. The 20s are not the years to ‘live for’: in my opinion the years to live for are the ones when you finally know who you are, sharing your life with a family you created, and when the only person who has a say on your life and appearance is you. It takes women a LONG time to realize how unique they are and how to love that about themselves. Society is so quick and harsh; sometimes our friends and family are even that way, and when we are young ‘we’ tend to put much more value on that then we should. God made you and their is only one you; love the skin your in, love your qualities, love your character, love your skill set, love your talents, and love your body. As I grow through these ‘developmental’ years I wont rush them. Everything that happens now will make me who I will be when I’m older, and I cant wait to see what and where I am when I’m 40. Until then its fun with friends, traveling, learning more about my husband, and continual baby fever. 🙂



Love you all for reading!!!


Hi Cyberspace! It’s been a LONG time and I have A LOT to say so let’s go!!!

First let me say I was trying to get a new job that paid more and had better hours. I interviewed once, it went GREAT, then a week later I get a call that I was requested for a second interview. At my first interview I was there for an hour and a half and met with 2 managers and the branch manager. The branch manager told me they would run a background check and if that was good they’d know by Friday. A week goes by….nothing. Then the next week the recruiter calls me and says I need to go in for a second interview. So… I do what needs to be done and go in for the second interview. This interview went GREAT and I had good feedback. The recruiter tells me it will take a week to get an offer or turn down. The next day I get an email stating they went with someone else.

Okay…this is a company that Is growing so fast they can hardly keep people in a department for more than a year. That’s one of their big selling points and that they’re always looking for new people. I have no experience in insurance but neither does half the people that started there so I don’t think that’s it. I’m just a little peeved because they ‘pride’ themselves on customer service and how they are continuing to grow… but I was lied to and given the turn around. Yes it was 2.50 per hr more and 8-5 BUT if it’s not meant to be it’s not meant to be. I’m just mad cuz they gave me the run around and made it seem like I was a great candidate and then they didn’t even give me the courteously to tell me WHY they went with someone else. (Psh w/e and moving on)

Better news:
My hubs and I are doing soooooo much better with our marriage. Our counselor told us that she can see how much work we are putting in and that it’s really showing. We actually hung out with some friends we haven’t seen in months tho past weekend and they even said they can see a difference. I can’t tell how much it means that OTHER people can tell a difference. We both definitely could but to know it’s also showing on the outside it like icing on the cake. 🙂 We will still do individuals every other week and then joint counseling every 2 weeks. I completely recommend counseling to anyone and everyone!! It has helped us understand each other so much better it’s unreal!

My hubs has also applied for the above job I was not offered – so if you could pray for him Id appreciate it. If he gets it..it would be about $5 more than he makes now plus good hours annnnd it would help in sole future plans. 😉

Love you for reading

The Truth about Marriage

Hi there!! Long time no blog I know BUT our 2 YEAR anniversary is Saturday so here we are with a marriage post. 🙂 I’ve been thinking about, analyzing, looking at others, learning from counseling, and ‘living’ marriage for a couple months now. Can I just say a soap box is appearing at my feet – just to prepare you. I will break this down into sections so that its easier to follow..


I dont understand why some women go on instagram, facebook, etc, and just word vomit on how wonderful their marriage is, BUT if you talk to them in person its not always the same story. Now encouragement is wonderful but complete fakeness is an unjust view to the single / engaged people. A sinner that is bonded to another sinner for life is not easy nor glamorous nor fun at times (I’ll explain more later). No man is perfect, no woman is perfect, and no matter how hard they try their marriage will NEVER be perfect.


Whoever said money cant buy happiness was seriously mistaken! haha I kid.. I kid…but truthfully money is a huge issue in marriage. I have friends that have money or their parents throw money at them all the time so they have a 1 up on 1 of many marriage struggles. It kind of makes me disgusted and somewhat jealous because my husband and I have the money struggle hardcore. WE are both working AND paying for our own school, our own apt, our car repairs, phones, etc. The only thing in our apt that we didnt buy was the furniture which was handed down (thanks SISTER!!). I see many couples that have tons of money and they say their marriage is so great!! LOL Well….ya I’m sure it is because any problem you have or if you need a shopping spree, massage, pick me up, etc. – just spend that money baby!! I wont lie….it would be SO nice to just blow money and not worry about it but on the other hand…the struggles my husband and I have had because of lack of money has brought us closer and made us learn more about one another. Yes…we have wanted to kill each other at times but we’re still alive. 🙂 I guess my pet peeve really lies in the fact that you got married….you have your own lives..stop using your parents. I mean…if you have a nice job and make good money good for you (thats where I would be a little envious :/), and also…just because you have a lot of money does not make your marriage easy or perfect…its just one struggle you dont have.


What you believe plays a HUGE part in your marriage – monumental!!! Whenever I feel low, feel like I cant make it, when I think Im a hindrance to our marriage – I HAVE to return continuously to the LORD. I’m a sinner married to a sinner in a sinful marriage. I will openly admit that I don’t read as much, go to church as much, or be the woman of God that I know I should be. All I can do is try everyday and pray every night – the prayer part I am strong at….its the reading, spending time with the LORD, church etc. that I am weak at. I enjoy playing guitar and singing which is somewhat spending time with the LORD but I will always wish it was more. My husband and I also need to get better and doing ‘work’ together if you will. I have suggested us doing a daily devotional together so we will get that started. The main thing is that living your life as CHRIST would have you is a vital in a sin filled marriage.


I would have NEVER thought that our cultural differences would play such a huge part in our marriage. I mean… I’m not completely dumb – I knew it would bring its own issues but to the level where they are is kinda insane. Not only our cultures but the way we were raised is like black and white. He was raised with Hispanic beliefs where the dad works and the mom stays home and does everything else, whereas I grew up with a 50-50 partnership. We have had multiple ‘displays of affection- lol’ of our thoughts and feelings on what our marriage should be. Trying to integrate 2 cultures into 1 marriage….whew. This culture thing is a whole blog in itself so I’ll stop here for now. 

All in all….marriage is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done…I have no children so child birth is not comparable yet.  If you dont have an HONEST, struggle filled, happy time, strong foundational marriage….you have nothing. Rome wasnt built in a day and neither was a great marriage. WE are only 2 years in and we have hit rock bottom a few times BUT that is what is great about marriage. If someone loves you more than they hate you and is willing to work on an through your marriage struggles together….then that’s the one. Regardless if you have tons of money, a great sex life, the perfect life, and every other faux pas and lies people tell – you will have problems in your marriage, but if you make the decision everyday to love your spouse and be better because of the love of Christ…you’ll have a Christ filled marriage and that’s better than all the money, peoples views, sex life, and everything else in the WORLD!!! 


Love you for reading! 

Dentures Please?!?!

Today was the day……Root canal day.

The procedure actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be. Their was a little pain but NOTHING compared to the first time. The dentist said it was because most of the roots were dead, but he still had to redo 3 of the canals – there’s only 4 so note to self – NEVER go back to the one who did it first. I will admit that technology has come soooo far since I had my 1st one but if you’re going to do it…please do it right the 1st time. He kept asking if I was okay and making jokes and ELLEN came on the TV while I was there (bonus!!)! So good news..in a few days I’ll be pain free, and now for the bad news. 

They didn’t give me any pain meds so I’m a little nervous about that annnnnnd I have to have a crown. I knew that going in but that time I had this done they did like a permanent filling and we never got a crown. I need a crown this time because of the frailness of my tooth. This root canal COMPLETELY wiped out all my insurance for the year so I have to wait until January to get my crown. Here’s the problem…the temporary filling will only last 2-3 weeks before the work that was done starts to become undone. A crown without insurance is $1200…… 😮 so I don’t know what to do.

I want dentures…lol problem solved!!


Love you for reading

Life in the Fast Lane

Hello Cyberspace!! Long time no blog, huh?!

My life has been absolutely crazy lately so my apologies for not blogging once a week like I had been.

So…I got a new job working for the Dallas Cowboys on the weekends for their home games. I work with my friend Pyper (shout out) and we work the home events. Its CRAZY how many people come to these events and how intense of fans they are! The company is called Star Tours and people from all over the world come. They get in their package air fare, food, hotel, game tickets, passes for autographed pictures of players, and tons more! We start Saturday at the Glass Cactus in Grapevine where there is a buffet, a DJ, tons of merchandise, and 3-4 Cowboy players there to sign things. Its a 6 hour event but it is a blast!! On Sunday we have a tailgate where different players come and do autographs, they cookout BBQ, and basically ‘party’ for about 3-4 hours before the game. My FEET kill me at the events BUT they are so fun and I love spending the time with my girl Pyper. Pyper’s husband Ted was Rowdy for many years and got us tickets to the Redskins vs Cowboys game in October!! EZ is super excited and can’t wait for the game! Not only are we blessed with AMAZING friends but amazing friends with benefits!! lol Anyways…I am pretty much working 7 days a week when the Cowboys have home games – you can sing “She works hard for the money” at anytime. 🙂 The only thing I have to say about my 8-5 job is that we are STILL on OT (blah).

In other Football news, Kaleb starts PeeWee Football this weekend!! He is #12 and on the Redskins and he practiced QB the other day. I’m so sad I can’t make his first game because we have an event this weekend BUT I will be there for the 2nd game! He is super excited and I am too..he’s growing up so fast. Also…my friend Sarah had her baby today so I became an aunt all over again!! He is soooo cute and they are doing fine. I won’t post any pictures or details in case they don’t want to do that.

We have so much happening until the end of the year that I don’t know how we’re going to do it! Birthdays, 2nd anniversaries :), holidays, working, traditions…etc. When I look at the calendar on my Iphone there are little dots alllll over the place!! Speaking of 1 dot – I have my root canal tomorrow around 11 am…send some prayers my way PLEASE!! The whole procedure is $3,000 – WhAt??! Thankfully insurance is covering 80% so that is good..still having to pay mucho out of pocket but I’ve been in pain for MONTHS so its time. Also…Buster turned 2 this month!! We  missed his birthday 😦 although we aren’t really sure when it is because he was a pup when we got him so we decided sometime in September. Don’t worry….I plan on spoiling the dickens out of him for his bday. 🙂

Well….that’s all for now loves! Love you for reading!!

Teeth, Cowboys, and Marriage

Hello bloggers and blog readers!! I hope this Thursday is treating you well. A lot has happened this week so this may end up being a long post, but I’ll do my best to keep it entertaining. 🙂

Well… A girl I work with, Pyper, works with the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday and Sunday every home game. She sets up and sells autographed memorabilia and helps out with the players. It’s a huge event both days with fans, food, music, and all kinds of stuff. Something happened where they came up one girl short so Pyper asked me if I wanted to help out. Our first event is this weekend and I’m super excited!!!

As you know I’ve had this annoying tooth pain for quite some time and I finally got to the dentist. Apparently…the FIRST time I had a root canal done the dentist didn’t clean out two canals so I have two nasty infections in those canals. So….I have to go to a specialist to have ANOTHER root canal done on the SAME tooth. I actually asked the dentist if we could call up the old one and make them pay for it. 🙂 The first root canal was awful – I felt everything they were doing the last 20 minutes and I couldn’t say anything because they had their hands all in my mouth. That being said… Thinking of getting knocked out for this one. It will take all my insurance so I’m still debating but I really don’t wanna go through that again. The dentist also told me about some other work I need done so basically all my OT money is going to my teeth….conclusion….I hate teeth. I told my mom last night I would be just fine gumming my good for the rest of forever (like Funny Pawpaw)!!

I can’t begin to describe how well we are doing and it’s all thanks to counseling!!! We are both more understanding with each other, communicative, loving and so much more. 🙂 I’m so glad that we are working on these things now instead of waiting. Our two year anniversary is this October and I can’t wait to see what we’ll do!! 🙂

I’m so excited to say that Sara and Tim Hager’s baby was born today and she is beautiful!!! Also… Sarah Reese is about to pop 😉 and very ready to welcome their sweet boy. My Facebook page is splattered with babies and preggo mommies and I love it!!

Well… This is out third week of OT at work and I’m sick of it. I’m completely exhausted and we’re still behind. On a happier note… My husband is working on being promoted to Assistant Store Manager so I can go back to school for a Masters in Occupational Therapy. I am so excited for this journey, and a bit nervous but God will give us strength and courage. I have actually become quite the homebody due to this OT. I’m so drained when I get home I just sit – so no workin out or cooking has been happening. Also… Since my tooth has been hurting I haven’t had a good nights sleep in some time (looking good)! I’m really hoping to get some time off and just rest and maybe go see Sarah in Mississippi – we’ll see.

So there’s this 5K in Dallas I REALLY wanna do!! You can run, walk, or dance (holla) durin the 5K if you want. It’s basically a glow in the dark party that supports the Mending Hearts Charity. You can check out the info here
I really want to do but there is A LOT happening that day, and I will be dancing/walking because my chest and I do not like to run. 😉

Well my loves… That’s all I have for now. As soon as I get home I’m hitting the bed and then it’s TGIF plus pay day!!

Love you for reading!!


TGIF Cyber space!! It’s the first Friday for FNL and I have no game to go to!! I haven’t really gone to a football game (HS) since my Homecoming in 07 (awkward) and I miss it! I live too far to make it to my hometowns Friday games – although I don’t know anyone who plays so probably wouldn’t go there anyways. I am actually just now really starting to get into football since high school .

I have previously watched college games on Saturday – my own choice- but I have no favorite teams (which drives my husband mad lol). I have learned a lot more about the game and I enjoy it. I like a GOOD game though…not the ones where one team is getting slaughtered – I like a match. My husband likes alllll the TEXAS teams so those are a must watch but I like to watch all the teams. NFL games are ok – I really only care about the Superbowl (COMMERCIALS)!! My husband is a die hard Cowboys fan…I’m not so much but then again I dont have favorites here either.

I know their are some women who are football MEGA fans and chest bump with their man, but thats not really me. I like to watch football and will yell at the screen on a good play but thats really about it. I guess since I haven’t watched it enough to have a favorite team I’m not the chest bump chick. 🙂 Now…..when my babies are playing sports I’ll be one chest bumpin, tattoo wearing, PTA sporting MAMA! I am excited though to getting more into football because I like it and I get to enjoy something my husband REALLY enjoys. Also…I have 3 nephews and if they play football I will be sporting them as well!! (Gotta get pumped!!) Speaking of that Kaleb is starting PeeWee this fall – yay!!!

To sum it allll up – I am a southern lady that likes to wear big hair (sometimes), talk with a twang, and now am getting excited about football!! So to those who are getting their time at FNL cheer some for me!! I will enjoy all the college game days tomorrow with my sweetie!! 🙂

love ya for reading!

Backbones and Dog Bones

Good morning cyber space!! Something happened to me this weekend that I need to get off my chest so here we go!!

If you read my blog or know me, at all, you know that I have baby fever quite often but my husband and I are waiting because of a few things (school, relationship, money, etc.). We both LOVE children, have worked with children, and one day want children. That being said, and the reason for this topic, I got a text that really hurt my feelings. I was asking a friend if we could get together and catch up sometime, and received a reply of probably not because it’s the 1st week of school. Now.. I knew this: I have 3 nephews AND I still keep up with the kids I use to teach. Some people homeschool and can start whenever so I wasn’t sure when they were starting. I replied with “oh I forgot” and she said “No problem, it doesn’t really pertain to you. You don’t really have to keep that on your calendar.” My heart fell to my feet…

It’s time like these I wish I was confrontational and could have fired back with something equally as hurtful…but I didn’t. I was so hurt I just said “ya”. This is a person I have tried to do and share life with for years. I know that our lives are different and that we are both busy but… Wow and ouch. If this person had taken the time to spend some time with me, after the millions of times I’ve suggested, they would have realized how much that could hurt. That became the final straw for me I came to realize. I have been putting in and trying for so long with absolutely nothin coming back – that’s not a friendship. It hurts my heart because we use to be great friends and then something happened and now it’s like all that never happened.

I have lost my back bone in friendships and just wait to be thrown a bone like a dog. It’s both sad and incredibly unfair so…it’s stops today. I know that people are busy and are in different walks of life and I do tend to flock to older people, but I’m busy too. No I don’t have children but in every other aspect of life I’m just as busy. I work OT all the time, I clean our home, I cook, I take care of my husband, I’m trying to get back in school, I go out with friends, I keep up with friends and family, I go to counseling to work on our marriage, and tons more. I am just as busy as mothers with children…

What I failed to realize is that there was a sign put in my face I chose to ignore. It was a “I have time for my family, other friends, and volunteer activities …just not you”. I suppose its not their fault but mine for not seeing/accepting the sign. My feelings are hurt so I’m being a bit more candid than normal but the truth of the matter is that this 90-10% friendship wasn’t ever goin to be like I thought and I’ve wasted a lot of time hoping it would. I have great friends and a future life filled with friends that will choose to have time and choose to grow with me in life.

I’m thankful for my friend SARAH who has a 2 year old, getting her masters, pregnant, was working, cleans, cooks, works on her marriage, and her husband works. She has alllllll that goin on and we still talk at least once a week. No one is busier than Sarah lol. It may only be 30 min or through a text but it still happens.

“I’m busy”… every time… Is just a nicer answer than saying no. This maybe harsh but it’s the truth and I’m all about being black and white.

Love ya for reading!!

Black or White?!

Happy HUMP DAAAAAYYYYY YAAA (camel voice)!!!!! 🙂

Haha you’ll have to excuse my looniness..we are on OT at work so I’m a little exhausted. I was watching this YouTube video of the Legends Ball that Oprah threw and it got me to thinking about some things.

I honestly think I should have been born African American. Almost every musician I LOVE is black. Ok let me step back a minute and say that I LOVE to sing. I think I was born to sing; it makes me feel that good. Musicians such as BB King, Etta James, Big Maybelle, Ray Charles, Patti Labelle, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Lena Horn, the Georgia Mass Choir, John P Kee, Michael Jackson, Gladys Knight, Donna Summer – I could go on for days!!! Now I love country and plenty of white musicians but there’s just something in my soul that LOVES and connects when I sing African American – gospel songs if you will.

Now… You don’t really jump around at a white church (none that I’ve been too) but at a black church…. Wooohooooo it’s awesome!! They are so not afraid to let it all out!! Thy scream, shout, dance, sing in the pews, and raise their hands. I LOVE IT!! I’ve always been a loud person who loves to laugh and have a good time. I think over the years I’ve had to hinder myself in church because of the setting. You know how hard it is to sit there begging to hear some John P Kee and all your getting is some old hymns?? Now… I love hymns but put some feeling.. Some soul into it!! Plus… It’s not everyday you see a white person bustin out some serious gospel.

I’ve been a lot of denominations: Presbyterian, Methodist (dabbled), Baptist, and Non Denominational. I’ve even attended an African American church which was awesome! I kept looking for a church that would fit my needs when in fact… I just need to be me. God created me with a passion for music and a crazy personality. I love all kinds of people, music, cultures and allllll the above. I think I’ve finally learned what God is telling me.

I feel waaaaay uncomfortable being ‘myself’ in regards to music. It’s just not expected for ‘black’ to come out of white (if that makes sense). I need to STOP carin what others think, at all times, but especially when I’m moved by the spirit. Yes I do believe I am black on the inside and white on the outside but I’m tired of sheltering my innards. 🙂
People will stare, call me crazy, and judge but God created me to be me – no on else is gonna do it. If it was easy it wouldn’t be worth it – God doesn’t give easy tasks.

I guess what I’m realizing is that I wish I was black BUT I’m white and in a certain way that makes it all the more special. I just need to get over this shyness an let it out!!! I shouldn’t be embarrassed at what God has created me to be just because I’m not a certain color. Yes it would be ‘easier’ because black people are that way but like I’ve learned…God doesn’t do easy. Instead of being shy I will focus on what’s true: expressing and praising the LORD like he deserves. It’s gonna take some time after being hidden for YEARS but I’m so ready to let out my inner Whitney, maybe not Tina in church but you get what I’m sayin.

Love ya for reading!!